Emily Bellhouse - glass artist

Detail of an "Image in Glass" - photograph by Gary Timms
Detail of a " Self Portrait" - photograph by Gary Timms


Now running beginners glass courses in East Sussex, UK. Visit courses page for further details.


Emily Bellhouse, Glass Artist, UK

Emily handcrafts contemporary glass portraits and artworks, Images in Glass, to commission. The pieces are made by either embedding people’s photographs within glass or by melting layers of coloured glass together. These unique wall-mounted pictures form a permanent keepsake of important memories and are artworks in their own right.


Emily also creates installations of glass sculptures in unusual outdoor settings. As with Images in Glass, this work is created with a view to surprise the onlooker, evoke their curiosity and encourage them to engage directly with each piece.


Washed Ashore - photograph by Roger Bamber
"Washed Ashore installation" - photograph by Roger Bamber

If you would like to discuss the possibility of commissioning an Image in Glass or an installation, please contact Emily directly.

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